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Bitcoin is a technical tour de force. -Bill Gates

Bitcoin is a breakthrough that can change your career.

Bitcoin is a computer science break through. Bitcoin’s core innovation is a distributed ledger that is unforgeable. Basically it works like BitTorrent but for sending and receiving payments.

Getting Started

  1. Satoshi’s 8 page whitepaper gives a concise explanation of bitcoin.
  2. Buy $5 worth of bitcoin at Coinbase
  3. The company has an easily consumable API to program against. Incidentally most consumer facing companies like Coinbase and BitPay have APIs as well
  4. Let’s Talk Bitcoin is a great podcast to stay up to date on bitcoin and digital currency developments.

Getting Help

  1. Bitcoin has it’s own StackExchange for bitcoin related questions. Keep programming questions on StackOverflow
  2. Bitcoin Talk is a great forum for asking in-depth questions and seeing the latest news.

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