Why this Site?

Everyone deserves to be empowered. Bitcoin is the most empowering force since the Internet. Everyone should understand bitcoin’s amazing potential. Most websites are full of tech jargon. The lack of plain language websites is robbing non-techies of the opportunity to understand this technology that could change their life.

Four reasons bitcoin empowers people

  1. Bitcoin lets people do things no other form of money can.
    • Any charity can accept money through a QR code. That means a printed sign, a sign shown on TV, a business card - all these mediums are now potential donation channels for the charity to instantly receive dollars or bitcoins.
    • Using ChangeTip on Twitter one can send $5 to someone in Japan who can then send $5 to someone in Kreuzberg, Berlin who can then buy a sandwich with bitcoin, all within the span of 5 minutes. That is impossible with all other payment systems today.
    • Another use case is being able to raise startup funds through crowdsales
    • A future use case will be enabling people to sell stock purchased through a brokerage, like AAPL, at a Christmas dinner to a family member.
    • Another future use case is being able to have software auto execute a will. Instead of having lawyers and probate, upon death all assets could be distributed exactly as the owner wanted within seconds of the death being recorded.
  2. Bitcoin enables people to pay small amounts (25 cents or even fractions of a cent) of money. Entire new payment models will emerge. For example paying for WiFi at an airport or restaurant, paying to read articles online, all kinds of services that are ad funded could be paid directly by the consumer, aligning the incentives of the producer and consumer.
  3. Bitcoin is the easiest fastest way to send money online and the fastest, safest, and easiest way to receive money online.
  4. Bitcoin is early in its life and will potentially be valued hundreds of times higher than where it is now. Today’s investors might be like the guy who invested $27 into Bitcoin and had over $500,000 four years later.

Support the Empowerment of People

Just like the Internet bitcoin is going to empower people in ways we can’t imagine. Join Bitcoin Bulls to put your time, energy, or capital towards this great cause.

Who created What is Bitcoin?

Founded by David Smith a bitcoin educator and consultant.

David is a former software developer who loves connecting with people and Tweeting about bitcoin.

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