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Everyone deserves to be empowered. Bitcoin is the most empowering force since the Internet. –David Smith, Bitcoin Evangelist

Bitcoin: Send money as easily as sending an email.

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For Businesses

Bitcoin empowers businesses. With bitcoin businesses can receive payment without fear of fraud. Businesses can quickly receive payment however they want it, and businesses can accept payment exactly how and when they want. Bitcoin empowers merchants by removing fees, fear, and third party rules from transactions between merchants and customers.

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For Developers

Bitcoin empowers developers. Bitcoin is the easiest way to accept and move money online. Say goodbye to days or weeks of the usual painful ecommerce coding integrations. Bitcoin integrations are measured in hours from starting a payment integration to accepting customer payments.

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For Individuals

Bitcoin empowers individuals. For the first time in history one can send money as easily to someone across the globe as they can to their neighbor. People no longer need to worry about the security of their merchants. People no longer need to worry about hidden bank fees, minimum account balances, or being black listed from opening a bank account. Bitcoin empowers individuals to completly control their money.

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