bitcoin moves money around the world

Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments. –Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize nominee

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is digital cash.

Like email changed communications, bitcoin is changing commerce.

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For Businesses

Bitcoin is the cheapest, fastest, and safest way to take bitcoin. Learn how to never again worry about card not present fraud, chargebacks, and reaching a new audience.

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For Developers

Bitcoin is the easiest way to accept and move money online. Say goodbye to days or weeks of the usual painful ecommerce coding integrations. Bitcoin integrations are measured in hours from starting a payment integration to accepting customer payments.

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For Individuals

Bitcoin is the best form of money in existence. However USD is pretty darn good. You should care about bitcoin because it is potentially the best investment opportunity of your lifetime. One person spent $27 on Bitcoin. Four years later that investment had grown to over $500,000 worth. Interested? I know I am.

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